The Office of the Registrar is the custodian of official student information and records and it has University-wide responsibility for official student records and related processes, including: 

  • Registration 

  • Course enrollment management 

  • Classroom assignment 

  • Final exam scheduling 

  • Grade processing 

  • Academic and administrative policy monitoring 

  • Information dissemination 

  • Maintaining student records

  • Providing certified documents, including transcripts and diplomas

  • Support strategic enrollment by analyzing student progression and retention, graduation, and academic trends for long-term admissions and operational planning for the University 

  • Publish the course schedule, which is available before registration for each semester/session 

  • Provide students with information about registration procedures, time and location of courses, faculty, and course prerequisites and requirements before the beginning of the semester/session


The Office of the Registrar at KAUST aspires to provide a high degree of integrity and efficient customer-oriented services through effective use of technology to ensure the future success of KAUST. 

  • Scott Bray Registrar|
  • Melissa L. Manuel Associate Registrar|
  • Ferhat Ilter Senior Business Systems Analyst|
    • Afaf Alhaddad Graduation Coordinator|
    • Majed Alghamdi Projects and Registration Specialist|
    • Lakshmi Nagubandi Student Service Support Clerk|