The Office of the Registrar is the custodian of official student information and records and it has University-wide responsibility for official student records and related processes, including: 

  • Registration 

  • Course enrollment management 

  • Classroom assignment 

  • Final exam scheduling 

  • Grade processing 

  • Academic and administrative policy monitoring 

  • Information dissemination 

  • Maintaining student records

  • Providing certified documents, including transcripts and diplomas

  • Support strategic enrollment by analyzing student progression and retention, graduation, and academic trends for long-term admissions and operational planning for the University 

  • Publish the course schedule, which is available before registration for each semester/session 

  • Provide students with information about registration procedures, time and location of courses, faculty, and course prerequisites and requirements before the beginning of the semester/session

The Office of the Registrar aims to improve its environmental standards by contributing solutions to support KAUST's efforts towards sustainability actions. Below are some of the efforts that have been put in place to deliver a sustainable practice:

  • Going paperless with student documents, including the letters we provide and all academic forms.
  • In addition to the printed diplomas, the e-diplomas are used by our graduates to send electronic employment applications.
  • We are making progress toward introducing e-transcripts in the near future. 

The Office of the Registrar at KAUST aspires to provide a high degree of integrity and efficient customer-oriented services through effective use of technology to ensure the future success of KAUST. 

    • Gavin Gomez Registrar| 
    • Melissa L. Manuel Associate Registrar|
    • Ferhat Ilter Senior Business Systems Analyst|
      • Afaf Alhaddad Graduation Coordinator|
      • Majed Alghamdi Projects and Registration Specialist|
      • Lakshmi Nagubandi Student Service Support Clerk|