Students are able to display, download and print unofficial transcript through Portal. Click here for steps on how to run unofficial transcript.

To request official transcript, please email and clarify whether you would like a PDF or hard copy.

E-Diploma Verification Process

eDiplomas are KAUST’s digital graduation certificate which provide employers and organizations with an easy, reliable way to authenticate graduates’ credentials at no cost. They are coded and certified using Blockcerts, an internationally recognized standard for securing important digital records. You can independently verify the issuer and time of issuance, as well as verify that the eDiploma was issued to a specific individual, and not someone else.

Some key points to remember:

- Students must opt in to receive their eDiploma from KAUST.

- Only students who graduated in December 2018 onward are eligible to receive KAUST eDiploma.

- eDiplomas are sent to students as email attachments that are coded and certifiable using Blockcerts. Once received, they own their credential and can share it with whomever they choose.


How to verify eDiploma?

- Ask graduates to send you their eDiploma URL or JSON file.

- Use our eDiploma Verification Portal to authenticate credentials that have been written to the Bitcoin blockchain. We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari to complete one of the following steps:

  1. If a student has provided a URL, copy it in the “Certificate URL” field and click “Verify.”
  2. If a student has provided a JSON file, drag and drop the file or choose it from its location on your desktop, and click “Verify.”


The KAUST grading system is a 4.0 scale utilizing letter grades and these are the only grades that will be assigned: 

Passing grades 

Failing grades  

Grades with no GPA 









In progress 









Satisfactory (Pass)




Unsatisfactory (Fail)
















Individual courses require a minimum of a B- for course credit. Final grades are due 36 hours after end of a course or final exam. Instructors are required to submit final grades through Blackboard.  

  • Incomplete Grades 

 Students who complete the majority of the requirements for a course but are unable to finish the course may receive an incomplete (I) grade. A grade of incomplete will be assigned only with the consent of instructors after instructors and students have agreed on the academic work that needs to be completed and the date it is due. When the requirements for the course are completed, instructors will submit a grade that will replace the incomplete grade. Incomplete grades not completed by the end of the second week of the following semester will be changed to failing grades. 

Incomplete grades are granted to individual students on a case-by-case basis. Incomplete grades should not be used as a mechanism to extend the course past the end of the semester. 



  • In Progress Grades 

Master’s thesis research (297) and doctoral dissertation research (397) are graded as in progress (IP) for each semester/session. Students who complete their research will receive a satisfactory (S) grade in the last semester/session at the end of their program. 


Eligible to graduate students will receive one diploma per degree earned, free of charge.

  • Attestation 
Diplomas will be notarized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). However, following MOFA’s regulations, we must include a copy of your official identification during the ratification process. Thus, please ensure that your Iqama or Saudi ID is successfully uploaded on the graduation application. 


  • Distribution 
Diplomas are usually available after spring and fall conferment dates. 

Diplomas will be handed out during the commencement ceremony; however, if you are not planning to attend the ceremony, you may collect your diploma in person from the office of the registrar after that day, or provide your mailing address to have your diplomas shipped to you via (UPS for domestic) or (DHL for international). 

Spring graduates will receive their diplomas from the office of the registrar after the official graduation date.


We can provide a replacement diploma if needed when the original is lost or damaged.

Replacement diplomas bear the current KAUST President and Registrar's signatures but show the original date of the award. 

The name that appears on your replacement diploma must be identical to the original.

You can request a replacement certificate by submitting an Application for Replacement Diploma.